“Collaboration is Multiplication”

John C Maxwell

Would you like to join The Sussex Collaborative (TSC)?

Our vision is to support the growth and success of businesses in and around Sussex

We do this by providing a wide range of services through our membership, based on our shared experiences and expertise. We are always looking for more experts to join our network of collaborators and believe that by working together we can support one another as well as our clients.

What are the benefits of joining The Sussex Collaborative?

Business Development

TSC aims to build a reputation across Sussex and surrounding areas by attending industry events, exhibitions and conferences. At these events we will be promoting the collaborative and explaining the range of services we offer.

Your profile including your key skills and services will be detailed on the TSC website, complete with customer facing lead generation linking directly to your own website and TSC enquiry forms, from which we will share business referrals amongst our network, according to individuals’ skills, workloads and resources.

A network of supportive peers

We know that being a consultant, sole trader or running a small business can often be a lonely experience. By creating a network of non-competing, trusted collaborators we get the chance to discuss challenges, share similar experiences and support one another as trusted colleagues, as and when we need a helping hand. We appreciate time can be tight, so we don’t run set networking events and there are no obligations to attend any we do arrange.

What are the costs of membership?

There is a small annual membership fee that we invest entirely in the promotion of The Sussex Collaborative. By far the biggest commitment we ask of collaborators is a commitment to promote TSC and its membership through their “business as usual” activity and by attending a small number of business generation events and by providing useful content throughout the year. This will normally be part of your current networking and business development activity already.

What skills and expertise are we looking for?

We want to achieve a broad and balanced range of expertise for our clients. This will stop us becoming defined by a single core product such as a marketing agency, a software house, an L+D provider or an accountancy firm. Anybody who is currently, or is planning to become an independent consultant, or who us running a small business with relevant services is welcome. All we stipulate is that you have a successful track record of delivery and expertise and can command the same levels of trust and credibility that we all strive to achieve. After all we really our staking all of our reputations on each other!

How do I join?

Simply fill in this form for more details and we will be in touch.

Thanks for your interest,

Nicky, Geoff and Joe – Founders of The Sussex Collaborative