Business Bitesize

TSC Business Bitesize series

The Sussex Collaborative members, share their advice, views and experience on a number of current business topics, challenges and opportunities in the TSC Business Bitesize series.

As a group of accomplished professionals across the fields of Marketing, Commercial, Finance, Law, PR and Human Resources, their goal is to support, inspire and assist business owners and leaders to develop and grow their organisations.

Select from the topics below to watch these short but informative videos:

Lucy is an expert on the topic of IR35 and discusses with Joe Lynch, how the new legislation due to come into force with the new tax year will impact those who are self employed and the businesses they work in.

Insights Discovery is a fantastic tool for team development, helping people understand their working style better which in turn improves communication, effective relationship building and encourages collaboration playing to individual strengths.

Nicky and Joe discuss how important it is to have a robust business plan in place, to give everyone in the organisation a clear direction to follow and share why its important to have regular reviews of the business and wider market.

Following on from the review of Lucy’s Employment Law overview for businesses returning to the workplace, Ali shares her advice about Hybrid working, the need for more communication and a focus on Health & Safety.
Implementing a CRM into your business can be daunting, but as Joe explains with careful planning and the involvement of the wider business, it can be a simple process with huge benefits for the business as a whole.

How easy is it to do business with my company, isn’t a question asked by many leaders and owners on a daily basis. Nicky & Joe share why reviewing the approach to Customer Experience is important to make life easier for our customers.

Lynsey & Nicky discuss Crisis Management PR & why having an up to date, tried and tested Incident Management Plan and why working with an experienced PR manager will ensure your brand reputation remains intact

raising investment
Raising finance can be both an exiting and daunting time for businesses exploring their next phase of growth and how they will fund this. Nicky shares a 3 step approach to planning to ensure success.
hybrid working
With Hybrid working meaning the merger of home & office world, the priority for many businesses is to have flexibility so technology works wherever people are consuming it, any time, any place, anywhere

Lynsey shares how PR is a fantastic way to make brands more credible. If you get the timing of your messages right you can quickly grow awareness of the business, particularly in challenging trading conditions.

The topic of how menopause affects thousands of women at the peak of their careers, is less taboo than it once was. Lucy shares with Nicky why in her view it’s not just a female issue and how business leaders could do more to adapt their policies and procedures.

As many workplaces see staff return as lockdown eases, this is opening up a number of questions for businesses from an employment law perspective. Lucy shares her advice with Nicky on the implications for employers and employees

If there is a specific topic you would like support or guidance on please do let us know how we can help and if we don’t know the answer we are sure to know someone who does !