How to plan for raising investment

Raising finance can be both an exciting and daunting time, for businesses exploring their next phase of growth and how they will fund this. Working out how much to raise, when to go externally to fund business growth rather than using internal resources, where to get the funding from, and having a plan to spend it, are all key parts of the planning phase of seeking funding.

It maybe your business is now at the stage where recruitment of more experience into the team is needed to remove bottlenecks, or investment is needed to develop the technology capability and improve efficiency, what ever your reason to seek investment, it is important to have a well planned approach to ensure success.

Ask the expert

Nicky is a business planning and growth specialist who is currently supporting a business to do just that and shares her advice about preparing for a funding round with Ali Daymond. Walking Ali through a 3 phase approach to getting ready to go out and secure investment, Nicky explains why its important to review the current business performance, be clear about what the right source of finance is for the business at this point in its growth and how to be ready the minute the cash hits the bank to start leveraging the value it brings.

raising investment

Watch the Business bitesize episode to learn more about the 3 step approach to planning

This is just a snapshot of the advice Nicky is able to offer when it comes to business planning. To get in touch with Nicky and learn more about how to approach these 3 phases in more detail contact her on 07713064198 or visit her website.