Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens

Professional EOS Implementer


Andrew’s passion is to work with as many business owners to help them lead a better-balanced life and run successful businesses

From an early age he learnt the importance of a system being a musician, he joined the British Army where he served as a musician for  5 years.

Following his military grounding he left the army to pursue a 25 year career in Sales and Sales Leadership working with Entrepreneurial Silicon Valley and North American start-ups to establish and scale them in Europe, during this time he experienced the highs and lows of scale ups, scale downs, acquisitions and exits.

He attributes his success to using and mastering proven systems and methodologies to stay ahead of the competition.

After 20 years of high performance and running high performing teams Andrew wanted to use his experience and to have a better work life balance with his family so he started his consulting business in 2017.

In 2018 he recommended the Traction book by Gino Wickman following being introduced to EOS back in 2012 himself to one of his customers, they started to use EOS and this became the light bulb moment and he made the switch to a full time Professional EOS Implementer.