Customer Experience

The April Hothouse

“Let me just transfer you” five words sure to raise your blood pressure. Be honest though, how easy are you making it for your customers to do business with you? 

We are living in a time where we now expect anything and everything to be available at a click of a button, so when we encounter service which is slow, complicated or inconvenient, it’s not surprising that we move on quickly to a provider who is more customer friendly.  

This month we look at how to develop your Customer Experience Strategy and how Lynsey, Ali and Lucy approach offering excellent experiences to their clients.

Are you keeping things simple?

Joe reflects on how easy it is and regretfully how common it is, for companies to unintentionally put barriers in the way of potential customers. Sharing 3 examples, Joe sets us all a challenge to keep it simple. Read more here

When you know you’ve got it right

Testimonials which praise your business for being proactive, passionate, personable, reliable, delivering effectively and efficiently, never making promises which can’t be delivered are a sure sign you are offering fantastic service. More reasons why the press love Lynsey!

Creating great partnerships.

Ali and her team work with a broad range of clients priding themselves on creating great partnerships. They are always available and on hand to offer advice.  Hear from one of their clients why they find it easy to do business with Adastra HR

Customer Experience Strategy

With new processes, people or technologies often comes well meaning tweaks to the customer experience. So there is value in taking a regular look at how you do business.  Our tips for improving your customer experience

Standing out from the crowd.

When everyone says they offer exceptional client service, have a passion for client care, or their trusted services are second to none, it can be hard to stand out.  Find out how Lucy and the team do just that by making life easier for their clients.


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