Happy Halloween

The October Hothouse

Happy Halloween! 

As we move forward towards the end of 2020, the only certainty is that there will be change.  For some this prospect is daunting, but for others as Joe predicts by embracing it and investing time in business planning, there will be opportunities to unlock latent demand and start 2021, with our best foot forward. 

We may not be able to predict the latest Covid19 regulations, or what the dawning of Brexit will look like. We can however as Ali and Geoff discuss, make sure we have a plan in place to support our teams, finishing the year focused on staff engagement and celebrating our successes

The 4am club news

We are socially distanced and ready to go with our new YouTube channel !  We hope the thoughts, insights and experiences we share, help you solve the questions waking you up at 4am  Take a look

It’ll all end in tiers!

As we head for lockdown 2.0, Joe considers how simplicity is key and why tackling difficult decisions head on can help to unlock latent demand during a crisis   Grab a coffee and have a read


Appointed the new president of The Sussex Law Society, Lucy will be supporting members drawing on her experience of creating a true work life balance and taking a new approach to delivering legal services. Read more..

How could you support your team more?

Focusing on mental health, communicating well, having a staff engagement plan are a key focus for business leaders.  Ali and Geoff share their experiences and advice on how to create a positive working environment in this episode of the 4am club

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