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TSC Newsletter – November 2021

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ quote “Change is the only constant” has been spot on this month, and we are certainly all experts in embracing it!

Our focus during November has been the creation of partnerships with Nicky and Joe starting new business relationships, whilst Richard reviews a strategic partnership in the world of UCaaS.  

We also share advice from the Cognitive Law team, for those businesses with bounce back loans due for repayment, who are needing to make some tough decisions about their future.

Aldingbourne Trust

A new partnership for Joe with a local social enterprise.

With his vast experience of working within the charitable sector, Joe will be working with the Aldingbourne Trust.

“A brilliant organisation with feet in both the charity and commercial camps and making the best of both”  the trust provide care, skills training and employment opportunities in an enlightened way, combining partnerships between social enterprise and charity fundraising

What happens if you can’t repay your Bounce Back Loan?

A saviour for many businesses when it launched in 2020, Bounce Back Loans are now up for repayment.  The Cognitive Law team offer insights into the implications of not repaying it.

With rising inflation, energy costs and a return to normal not a reality for some businesses, the team recommend companies taking insolvency advice, in light of new legislation which could impact company directors personal liability. 

The marketing centre

Nicky joins The Marketing Centre

Congratulations to Nicky on joining The Marketing Centre as a Portfolio Marketing Director

Nicky said “I’m thrilled to be joining a team of over 80 Marketeers across the UK, working with SME’s on a part time basis helping to bring focus to their planning and create growth strategies which drive their businesses forward” 

Customer Lifetime Value – Metric of the month

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a fantastic feel good measure for a business, but why is it important?  A healthy CLV reflects the value to the business of retaining customer loyalty and repeat business.  

Nicky shares a simple approach tracking it and tips for improving retention levels

What are the key aspects to consider if you are thinking of deploying Teams?

Microsoft claim to have 80 million active phone users with 1 billion calls, as it becomes a core component in the future of user’s desktop technology.

Teams has matured into a viable replacement for your typical workplace telephone system and does align well to support hybrid working, but Richard has some words of caution in his recent article

Is your existing telecoms platform still the right solution?

Richard reviews the partnership, with RingCentral finally enabling Mitel to add a true Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) cloud subscription model to its portfolio. 

This new collaboration could offer the perfect opportunity to stop and reassess your communication requirements and strategic needs


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