October newsletter

TSC newsletter – October 2021

Entering the home straight of 2021, we are increasingly more resilient, adept at adapting to constant change and getting ready to embrace all that 2022 has in store for us.   

This month we were delighted to launch our new service, working with clients to grow their business potential and offer advice for those working through their digital transformation and hybrid working planning. Ahead of COP26, we also consider the compelling case to become more responsible in our business activities. 

How to engage customers through hybrid technology.

This month our Business Bitesize focuses on how to have flexibility so technology works wherever people are consuming it, any time, any place, anywhere.

Rich shares with Joe how he advises clients to truly create a sustainable hybrid workforce for the long term. 

Key discussion points:

  • Creating a hybrid workforce 
  • Building flexible platforms
  • Omni-channel service delivery
  • Customer experience strategy

Spanish law advice from Cognitive Law.

The Cognitive Law team continue to place service at the heart of their business for old and new clients. 

Every Tuesday Spanish law solicitor Carmen Calvo offers free, no obligation Spanish law appointments for anyone wishing to discuss their Spanish law issues.

For example:

  • Spanish Probate
  • Property sales or purchases 
  • Debt recovery and litigation
  • Starting a business in Spain

responsible business

Are you building a responsible business?

With COP26 hitting the headlines, has this made you reconsider your business approach to the environment, or your social responsibility? 

Nicky looks at the compelling case for SME’s to review their approach to being a responsible business and gain competitive advantage from making a positive impact.

Joe’s metric of the month – Cost Per Click

Cost per click (CPC), is another one of those pesky metrics crucial to your trading strategy but, it’s one that can lead you into trouble if not considered alongside a whole bunch of other KPI’s.

When your marketing team presents their CPC data – make sure it’s amongst all of the other information you need to make the right decisions.

The countdown to the new ski season is firmly on.

With resorts across Europe gearing up to welcome back Brits to the slopes for the 2021/2 season, Lynsey is in full PR mode supporting her clients.

Lynsey was recently in Switzerland, visiting beautiful Verbier catching up on what’s new for 2022. 

Keep an eye out for up to date news from the resorts on the Heaven Publicity news pages

Are you gambling with customer loyalty?

Providing a positive customer experience is core to most organisations.

However, as some rush to embrace the “digital” world, they are potentially taking a huge gamble as they digitally transform their customer engagement models.

Rich shares the Trig Point 4Ws model, helping to avoid the risk of losing loyal customers, when implementing new tech.


Let us help to grow your business potential

We’ve had a fantastic month helping clients with their 2022 growth plans, and would be delighted to help more people grow their business potential, through our new action planning sessions.

Invest just 3 minutes to rate your current business performance and we will arrange a feedback session to:

  • Share solutions to overcome current blockers or challenges in your business.
  • Be a sounding board for new ideas or identify opportunities to grow the business potential.

Help to prioritise your goals and develop an action plan

We hope you have found this months news and featured articles of interest, do get in touch for a chat, coffee, pint or if we can be of assistance!

TSC Team