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Welcome to The Sussex Collaborative

The Sussex Collaborative was founded in early 2020, based in Horsham, becoming part of the strong and vibrant business community across Sussex.

“Having previously worked together Joe, Geoff and I identified an opportunity to combine our experience, knowledge and individual networks to create a collaboration of business specialists, offering comprehensive practical business support and advice for the local business community in Sussex and across the South East”

Nicky Macfarlane – Founder

Would you ever dream of employing and paying for a full-time plumber or electrician to be available to you at home 24/7, 365 days a year just in case you need them? We didn’t think so!   It’s only when an emergency strikes or you plan on making a significant change to your home, that you engage the services of qualified and reputable trades people to come in and carry out the work.

For many small to medium sized enterprises operating with a small multi skilled team all spinning plates to keep the business on track, the same logic applies. Whilst you may dream of having a large team of senior specialist directors around you, imagine having a virtual team of trusted colleagues, who have lived and managed through the challenges you face, have bottomless business expertise and specialist experience to call upon.  What’s even better is they can be there to support you and your business, as and when you need them. And only as and when you need them.

The flexibility to be available to offer guidance and support to our clients when needed, is the founding principle that drives members of The Sussex Collaborative.

“Our vision in establishing The Sussex Collaborative has been to create a panel of experts, who all form strong relationships with their partner organisations – helping when needed, but without burdening clients with large overhead costs” 

Joe Lynch – Founder

Unlike recruiting a single consultant, by engaging with a member of The Sussex Collaborative you not only have access to their proven skills, but access to a broader network of specialists with experiences across all aspects of running a business. This varied range of skill sets and business backgrounds, is available for you to draw upon according to the challenges and opportunities you face running your business.

We are not just a network of people listing their skills by the keyword. Linkedin does that!

The Sussex Collaborative is a group of passionate professionals, happy to stake their reputations on one another’s performance and we all commit to:

  • Working with you for the long term success of your business, knowing that this is the best way to secure the success of The Sussex Collaborative.
  • Securing the very best support for your business and being willingly to step aside when we know a colleague is better suited to help you.
  • Being honest and open about our abilities and scope of experience, advising you if we don’t know the answer and will help you find someone who does.

“We all know what it is like when you feel you are on your own running your business in the good times and the bad. We’ve all been there and that’s why we know we can make a difference working together to support you achieve your business goals.”

Geoff Keeling – Founder

To learn more about The Sussex Collaborative and our founders view our About us page.