How Insights Discovery helps to develop effective teams

Creating an effective team can be a challenge when you factor in differing personalities, hybrid working and communication styles. Insights provides business leaders and people managers the tools to create greater self awareness to their people by using psychometric tools and a four-colour model.

With greater self awareness employers and employees alike can build and develop the essential soft skills needed to transform the business. These skills include; collaboration, communication and leveraging collective strength while also identifying their strengths and weaknesses, communication, and individual working styles. 

Ask the expert

Ali Daymond is the founder and MD of Adastra HR with over 20 years experience in public & private sector HR. Ali is also an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner and can take you and your team on a self-awareness journey, which will help your people understand themselves, have greater awareness of how they interact with others around them and ensure that they make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace!

Insights Discovery

Watch the Business Bitesize episode to find out more about the benefits of an Insights Discovery session.

We thoroughly recommend investing in bringing Insights into any business, having had seen the benefits first hand from Team building, Leadership development and Sales team effectiveness sessions.

To get in touch with Ali or learn more about how Insights can help develop your team, visit the Adastra HR website here