Why Menopause isn’t just a female issue in the workplace

The topic of how the menopause affects thousands of women at the peak of their careers may slowly being discussed more openly and becoming less taboo, but there is a lot to learn about how it affect both women and their partners.

The Guardian recently reported that Menopause is at the centre of an increasing number of UK employment tribunals, with a growing number of women citing the way employers have responded to their symptoms as proof of unfair dismissal. However there is still a long way to go, when it comes to a greater understanding of how to adapt workplace policies, in response to the needs of those living with the impact of the many and varied symptoms.

Ask the expert

Lucy Tarrant MD of Cognitive law joins fellow Sussex Collaborative member Nicky, to share why she decided now was the time to join in the discussion about the Menopause, publishing a recent article in which she shares her personal experience.

Passionate about helping people become more informed on the topic, Lucy highlights the need to see Menopause as more than just a female issue, given the experience of her husband and many men like him, trying to navigate and support their partners through the various symptoms women experience, over what can be a long journey.

Menopause in the workplace

Watch the Business Bitesize episode on Menopause and the workplace

This episode is just a snapshot of what is a broad and evolving topic for discussion. Lucy would be delighted to share more insights into her experience or support business leaders to review their approach to Menopause.

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