How to engage customers through technology in a hybrid world

A warm welcome to Richard Betts an expert in the software and telecoms arena, who has followed an exciting journey over the last 25 years as tech has accelerated to the cloud tech phase where we find ourselves now.

As the founder of Trig Point Consulting Rich sits between the Board and IT teams, primarily focused on aligning people, process and technology to manage the business equilibrium and maximise customer experience.

Rich works with his clients to review their process flows, to engage customers through their preferred channel of choice and align the technology channels to drive effective processes for the business and employees, whilst matching tech to all their individual needs.  

Ask the expert

With the disruptive force of having to bring the home and office world together, the priority for many businesses is to have flexibility so technology works wherever people are consuming it, any time, any place, anywhere. 

Rich shares with Joe how he is currently advising clients to truly create a sustainable hybrid workforce for the long term, citing the example of how meeting room technology has progressed rapidly to now recognise who and where participants are delivering a seamless video conference experience for all.

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Rich has a huge passion for supporting businesses in their journey to align their people, processes and technology and offers a free consultation to understand the unique needs of each of his clients. He can be reached via the Trig Point website or by calling +44 (0)203 855 6325