Launch Announcement – Press Release

The Sussex Collaborative

The Sussex Collaborative

The collaborative approach to business support and advice

The Sussex Collaborative today announced the launch of their consultancy services based in West Sussex.

The Collaborative offers specialist advice and support for business owners across the Sussex region and beyond. We are a group of consultants with proven hands on experience of leading and growing businesses using innovative and dynamic solutions to everyday challenges.

“We are delighted to be launching the collaborative, at a time when local businesses and consultants are starting to plan for the loosening of lockdown and reopening their doors” says Joe Lynch, founding member at The Sussex Collaborative.

The value which The Sussex Collaborative will bring to the local Sussex economy is 2 fold:

  1. Supporting local businesses to grow

We believe that investing in our local business community by helping SME’s to build their businesses, is an investment in the future for all of us.

Our services include a full range of support for all our client’s business growth and development requirements. Whether that’s general business transformation, navigating a crisis, long and short-term strategic reviews, financial and budget planning, leadership development or employee engagement and capability, we are able to help.

  • Creating a community for our members to collaborate and extend their reach

Collaborating together we believe we can support one another, as well as our clients to have sustainable growth. 

“Having seen over the last few months the huge benefits of communities coming together in support of each other. This is the ethos with which we have established the collaborative in support of the local Sussex business community” says Nicky Macfarlane, founding member at The Sussex Collaborative.

We know that being a consultant, sole trader or running a small business, can often be a lonely experience. By creating a network of non-competing, trusted collaborators we get the chance to discuss challenges, share similar experiences and support one another as trusted colleagues, as and when we need a helping hand.

Business recovery support

To celebrate the launch of The Sussex Collaborative and in respect of the uncertain times ahead for many businesses, we will be offering a free “Business recovery” service.  This includes a number of 121 online consultations, with any of the Collaborators to support local business prepare for the return of customers.

Topics could include –

  • How to communicate the changes you are making to your products and services to provide a safe environment for everyone?
  • How do you engage with your customers after a period of closure?
  • What is the ideal size and shape of your business when revenue is uncertain?
  • How do you innovate and create new services to strengthen your business?
  • What new skills do your team need to thrive post COVID19?

For more information about becoming a member and our services at The Sussex Collaborative, visit  

About The Sussex Collaborative:

We are the experts in growing business, through a collaborative approach to business support and advice.

Members of the collaborative all share common beliefs, which include creating value for our clients, offering unbiased advice, providing hands on support as and when its needed and building trust through quality of our service delivery.

We are not a traditional agency or consultancy firm, we are a network of experts local business owners can tap into as and when they need us to offer that extra bit of help or a sounding board for ideas or challenges. Our services are tailored to their unique needs, ensuring they only pay for what support they need, as we understand budgets will be tight.