The May Hothouse

The May Hothouse

Welcome to the first Sussex Collaborative newsletter – The Hothouse

“The Hothouse – a place or environment in which people are taught to develop skills and knowledge”

Cambridge Dictionary

Each month we will be discussing hot topics facing business owners across the region.  We will share solutions to a handful of business challenges and bring together a selection of articles and opinions into the Hothouse.

With the launch of the government bounce back loans in early May, in this edition we are focusing on the hot topic of how businesses will be bouncing forward.

It’s all about confidence

Consumer confidence remains low as we await the terms of life after lockdown and in a recent report published by BVA  they show that whilst compared to recent weeks we are significantly more optimistic about the outlook: almost as many people now say that the worst has passed (24%) as those who feel the worst is still to come (29%) with the remainder expecting no change for the foreseeable future.

Joe considers in his recent blog that the real opportunity is for forward thinking brands that have the power and care to help precipitate the return to confidence and to strengthen their relationships with customersRead more…

New beginnings

With many out on furlough, facing redundancy and others unsure of their future career prospects in businesses under growing financial pressure.  For some after having time for career reflection, 2020 maybe the opportunity to stretch out on their own and utilise their expertise to offer consultancy services.

With 1 year under his belt as a leadership development consultant Geoff, offers some sound advice and perspectives on what its like to leave the corporate world and set off on his own journey.  Read more..

Is now the opportunity to embrace simplicity and focus on creating value

If nothing else Covid19 has forced us to take some time to step back, reset and reshape our businesses.  As we begin to plan for the new future, having purpose and a clear value proposition for our customers new and old, is essential to making the right decisions.

In her recent blog, Nicky considers how to combine simplicity with creating value for customers, employees and shareholders to secure our future success.  Read more….

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