The HR implications of Hybrid working and the return to the workplace

What is the best way to get teams back into working effectively together in an office in the new normal? The advice is that employers need to be so mindful of the fact they are dealing with unpredictable, human beings. Each are going to have their own needs and their own thoughts about coming back from furlough or full time into an office environment, and every company is different, so one size doesn’t fit all.

Common questions for many employers are:

  • What does hybrid working mean for the business and our culture? This is a valid concern whether you have got 5 people, 50 People or 500 People.
  • How do we actually get people back to work, in the right way that works for us as a business, but also recognises the needs of the employees? For all businesses their people are their best assets and as such should be invested in to achieve the right outcome for all.
  • What do we need to do to prepare from an HR perspective, within the boundaries of employment law, but also keeping in mind health and safety, because that always works hand in hand?

In answer to all of these questions and others linked to managing these changing time, Alison’s advice is that communication is key and some degree of flexibility is going to be really important.

Ask the expert

Sussex collaborative member Alison Daymond of Adastra HR shares her advice with Joe Lynch and discusses some of the scenarios she is finding her clients are coming up against as they manage the constantly changing HR requirements of their businesses.

Alison Daymond Adastra HR

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