TSC Hothouse news – May 2021

With the return to the workplace, there is much to consider from an HR and Employment Law perspective. Ali & Lucy share their advice in two new episodes of the Business Bitesize.  

As businesses are also able to start focusing more on implementing their mid to long term plans, we introduce a new feature for May – “Metric of the Month” with Joe Lynch, sharing his advice on how to maximise the impact of your data.  Nicky also shares 6 tips for effective project management.

Employment Law bitesize 

Do I have to return to the workplace?  What if my employer wants me to work from home full time?  If I get stuck abroad on holiday, will it mean unpaid leave? 

Lucy shares legal advice on questions linked to the easing of lockdown.  View here 


Hybrid working and HR 

What is the best way to get teams back into working effectively together in and out of the office, as blended home and office based role become the new normal?  Ali has the answers in the latest episode of the Business Bitesize Learn more

Am I spending too much? 

Joe recently partnered with Red Route International, offering a range of proprietary tools that help clients understand how best to deploy their precious marketing resources. Find out more 

Financial Planning

Joe’s metric of the month 

For May, Joe focus’ on conversion rate – “because it is my favourite and I think the most powerful of all of the marketing metrics which we should be looking at constantly” Improve your conversion rate

Project Planning

It’s all in the detail 

On time and within budget delivery of projects is only likely with effective project management. Nicky shares 6 essential tips and free downloads for improving project management.  Read more


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